Chef’s Specials

1. Peshwari Chapli Kebabs..........

Tenderized meat from the lamb’s thigh mixed with handpicked ingredients and spices flattened out to form kebabs that are crispy on the outside & juicy inside. This Peshawari delight is served with fresh pudina chutney and onion slices

2. Blazing balls of meat

Gentle cooking on a low flame exudes the flavours of the four different kinds of peppers jalapeño peppers, Red paperika, cayenne pepper &White Pepper corns contained in the spicy meatballs. The cheddar cheese balances the heat of the ball that blasts and melts in your mouth.

3. Chicken wings high on whisky

Wings marinated in whisky over night and tenderly barbecued on a charcoal grill topped with steamy hot sauce

Vodka soaked chicken

Whole chicken with skin bathed in vodka & lime guaranteed to melt in your mouth leaving you soaring in the clouds.

5. Chicken breast Italian style

Tender chicken breasts coated with olive oil and Assorted italian Herbs cooked low N slow on the grill.

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